Today we made structural improvements to the robot and practiced driving. I think that we are well prepared for the competition on Saturday.
We are one of the most far along robots in the club in terms of autonomous and robot completion.
But you can never be hopeful.


Today whe had a competition and we did ok. I am pretty sure that we stayed in top 8 which is all that matters to me.
We faced V5 robot today and the motors are extremely strong and fast which allows them to be very efficient on the field.
They beat us like i'd never seen before.


On the Friday of the 22nd 7480N the Nubskulls became the first V5 robot in the club.
Yesterday multiple other team finished their conversions to V5 with varying success.
But as they were doing their upgrades, we were working tirelessly on a reliable and repeatable autonomous that we
completed, firmly planting us at the forefront of innovation in terms of the club. Additionally, we participated in two
practice matches. We won both of them with autonomous bonus and and a high park in one of the two matches.